South Africa

1 Eden Crescent, 345 Rivonia Road,
Edenburg (Rivonia) 2128,

T +27 11 895 9300

Brand Union Johannesburg is located in the heart of Rivonia. True to the fabric of South Africa, we’re an eclectic mix of about 30 people with skills ranging from Identity Design, Brand Experience – including Retail, Industrial, and Architecture Design - Packaging, Client Service and Strategy. But we’re united by one common thread: a dedication and commitment to brand excellence. Our vibrant offices display the ethos of our company and the approach we take to our work: integration, partnering and sharing of ideas. 

Although situated on the tip of Africa, we've worked on amazing projects globally. Our world-class list of clients include SAB, SAA, DStv, Rosneft (Russia), South African Post Office, Standard Bank, Mansard Insurance (Nigeria), and First Bank of Nigeria. 

Key contacts in Johannesburg

Mathew Weiss

Managing Director

Mathew has accumulated broad brand experience working in Europe, America and Africa. A strategist by training he has won numerous awards for effectiveness. As MD he is focused on building the agency’s creative culture and seeking out brave clients that want to use brands to change the world for the better.

Janet Kinghorn

Executive Creative Director

A small, award-winning person with a big curiosity about the world around her, how it works and why. Janet is the “denter”. She challenges our clients (and our people) about how brands work and live in the world, and how we can effect social and economic change through developing strong brand experiences.

Work from Johannesburg

South African Airways

Bringing the world to Africa and Africa to the world

South African Airways is not only the flag carrier for the country but represents the continent across the world. Through the deliberate design of every touchpoint we have been able to get customers to re-assess their view of Africa as a lost continent to one of premium experiences and warm...


Insight from Johannesburg

A is for apocalypse, B is for brand

Imagine a post-apocalyptic earth. You know the usual sci-fi plot: the majority of the earth has been destroyed; a few remain and are ruled by an iron-fisted government. All creativity, colour and freedom are outlawed. The ‘new earth’ is a sorry excuse for it’s former self: fragile and struggling to...


If our industry is changing, why hasn’t anything changed?

Creative complacency is something that we are all at risk of, especially when the chips are down and we’re working at full tilt. As a creative company, how do you push past comfort and become greater than you were the day/week/month/year before?


Absolut focus

I was recently privileged enough to travel up to Sweden for the biennial gathering of Brand Union leadership. The meeting took place in the agriculturally focused southwest of Sweden, home of Absolut Vodka.


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