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Why should great female leaders want to work at your agency?

Toby Southgate

September 30 2016

There’s a glaring problem with gender diversity and inclusion at the top of the advertising and creative worlds. That is well documented and frequently spotlighted. But the “why” seems to be a stubborn point of contention and confusion.

Diversity has become some kind of unicorn—a fantastical creature that many talk about no one has actually seen. And rather than take the initiative to go out and find it, most people assume someone is hiding it from them. Or, worse, that it’s unachievable.

Recently, a number of highly-publicized (and rightly criticized) scenarios have managed to direct blame at the entire female population and their so-called lack of ambition. This is classic male laziness and ignorance. Unlike the elusive—but totally realistic—ambition of diversity, the notion that there are not enough women who want to be leaders is pure myth. A 2015 WorkplaceTrends survey found that more than half of millennial women have aspirations in leadership.

So, what is the problem? It’s not you, it’s me. Really.

It’s up to us, the leaders of the creative industries (read: white, middle-aged+ males), to depart from our default industry settings and find the women who want to take our businesses into the future. But it doesn’t stop, or even begin, there. We also have to build an environment worthy of that ambition.


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