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A new premium beer for Panama launched for SABMiller

October 21 2014

Brand Union Madrid have just launched ‘507’, a new premium beer for Panama, developed for SABMiller.

The project involved the creation and activation of a new brand for the beer category, in which SABMiller wants to lead the way in flavour trends in the LatAm markets.

The beer itself was crafted under the guidance of master brewer Galaxis Ardila, with collaboration from chef Mario Castellon, both ‘Panameños’ who represent the progress in the Central American nation.

A Panamanian brand through and through the name is derived from the telephone dialling prefix, through which Panama connects to the rest of the world. The bottle itself is embossed with a representation of thePanama isthmus, created by renowned Panamanian artist Cisco Merel, whilst the typographic treatment takes cues from the maritime sector, which of course Panama has long been famous for.