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Brand Union for Soin Dermatologique

December 09 2015

Hamburg / Berlin, 1 December 2015.

The internationally renowned institutional and spa cosmetics brand, Maria Galland, introduced the “Soin Dermatologique” product line this autumn. The positioning and the design concept for all accompanying communication media were developed by the international branding and design agency Brand Union Germany, which presented the winning pitch for the account.

Maria Galland has been meeting the highest standards in cosmetics and treatments for over 50 years and believes in holistic, individualised care. The new skin care line “Soin Dermatologique” is, among other things, also intended for a younger target group, positioning itself as corrective care and a “problem solver” for four widespread skin problems. Under the slogan “Release the beauty of your skin!”, the products help people with problem skin to feel good again. The challenge lay in visualising skin conditions such as impurities, moles, redness and extremely dry skin in a sensitive manner, while simultaneously communicating the expertise of Maria Galland.

Brand Union developed the product positioning and brand story, which became the basis for both the visual appearance and the international communication concept for all media. The visual identity is distinguished by a strong emphasis on the text concept and visual language. Artistic metaphors are used to represent the specific problems of the skin conditions and are the elements that shape the identity and brand. The corporate design, which was defined in a style guide, was implemented in a B2B sales folder and in an exhibition concept for the international product launch in Paris. The result: A modern yet natural concept, which positions the line as the perfect partner for high quality care of problematic skin conditions.

“In order to meet the challenge of maintaining similarity with the Maria Galland brand, while simultaneously setting apart the product line, we used a powerful image concept to illustrate the four skin conditions. We have created a poetic and highly aesthetic concept for the new “Soin Dermatologique” line. It uses metaphoric imagery to illustrate the skin conditions as well as a model that reflects the modernity of the product line and the French origin of the brand. We are happy that we were able to contribute our extensive know-how in the field of cosmetics and beauty care to the Maria Galland premium brand and to create a look which provides visual support of the brand and product line philosophy.” says CEO Tobias Phleps.