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Swiss Delice packaging design by Brand Union

March 29 2016

The branding and design agency re-launches the Midor biscuit line with 30 products

Brand Union Germany has developed a new, contemporary packaging design for the premium biscuit brand Swiss Delice on behalf of the traditional Swiss company Midor. The redesigned line, which offers around 30 products in the four variants Choco, Air, Tradition and Collection, recently became available at German retailers. The updated packaging will also be introduced in other European countries over the course of the year, as well as in Asia and the USA.

The goal of the re-launch was to increase brand awareness of the export brand and to create a modern, appealing design which highlights the product and can be used effectively around the world. In addition, the line had to be segmented into four subranges according to the different products and target groups, with clearly differentiating design.

“A soft re-launch of the brand was carried out. In the course of revising the logo, we improved the legibility of the lettering and integrated the Swiss flag and Matterhorn to clearly identify the Swiss origin, which is very important for an export brand”, Katie Taylor, Executive Creative Director at Brand Union Germany, explains. “The colours and typography were varied to differentiate the 4 sublines: ‘Choco’, for example, is dark brown to represent chocolate and intense flavour, while ‘Air’ is blue to convey a sense of lightness. Overall, the new brand image is classical Swiss – a stimulating blend of modernity and tradition. The product presentation communicates top quality and indulgence.”

“Swiss Delice is one of our most important brands in the international market. Since the packaging is an important communication tool, I am delighted to have found a design partner as competent as Brand Union. The product re-launch has been a great success. As a result, we have also commissioned Brand Union with developing the sales materials, documenting the design guidelines in a design manual, and creating a display for Swiss Delice,” Karin Heierli, Director of Baked Goods Marketing at Midor, tells us.