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Brand Union unveils sleek visual identity for eye protection innovator, EyeJust

January 30 2017

WPP global brand agency Brand Union helps usher in an innovative form of retina relief by creating the brand identity for EyeJust. Officially launched at CES 2017, EyeJust, banishes the blues with a blue light-blocking filter designed to fit smartphones and tablets, Chromebooks and other upcoming selected products. EyeJust is a tempered glass screen protector that aims to reduce harmful eye strain from our everyday mobile and computer use.

Touting fifteen screen protectors for iPhone and iPad devices that are equipped with blue light-filtering technology, EyeJust’s tempered glass screens are scratch-resistant, smudge-proof, and have add-on antimicrobial, and privacy-protecting features, which keep well-connected users fully covered on all fronts. Prices range from $29 to $64.

With deep roots in consumer, fashion and tech, co-founders Gigi Mortimer and Jock Thompson recognized what was missing for tech-savvy consumers and developed EyeJust as a solution with the first custom monogrammed go-to resource for blue light screen protection.

“When I learned that high energy blue light from our phones and tablets penetrates to the retina, damaging cells in the eye, I wanted to create glasses that could reduce harmful blue light. However, it made more sense to block the light on the screen, at the source,” says Mortimer, who also serves as EyeJust’s Creative Director. So, we developed a patent pending tempered glass filter that can easily be applied to phones or tablets.” “Digital devices are great; they’ve changed the world,” explains Thompson, Co-Founder who also holds the title of EyeJust COO.. “But it’s time we take an honest look at what impact they may be having on our health and wellness. Whether it’s filtering harmful blue light, resisting bacteria, or ensuring privacy, EyeJust helps you stay protected while connected.”

To help introduce the multi-faceted product, which was developed with input from eye care specialists and professionals, Mortimer and Thompson tapped Brand Union to craft EyeJust’s aesthetic and messaging. From the sleek typography that references seeing eye charts and clever taglines like “We only have eyes for you” and “We protect your eyes first. Screens second” to the fashion-inspired color palette, smart iconography and informative diagrams, Brand Union converges all the strategic and visual elements into a unique identity befitting a brand poised to positively impact the future of eye care while celebrating science, health and wellness.

While the product itself was in development for two years, the actual EyeJust launch came to fruition in just a matter of months (to meet the timing for CES) thanks in large part to the agility of the Brand Union team. “Though there was a short window for execution, the collaborative process with Gigi and Jock helped inspire us to be nimble and introduce a brand that’s fashion-forward yet health-focused,” Brand Union Design Director Stephanie Landry explains. “The ultimate identity for EyeJust hopefully presents the product as an innovation that’s both stylish and substantial for consumers.”

About EyeJust
Connected & Protected
We spend an average of seven hours looking at our mobile phones, tablets, and computers each day. But did you know that the blue light emitted by those screens penetrates all the way to the retina, over time damaging our vision, causing eye strain, and even contributing to sleep deprivation? We want to help you stay protected while connected: EyeJust screen protectors seamlessly attach to any device to cut harmful blue light, invisibly. They also reduce the spread of bacteria, and protect your personal information via our advanced privacy filters. We’re helping you avoid the downsides of digital—which in our eyes, is everything. EyeJust is a member of The Vision Council and the Vision of Children Foundation. For additional information and to shop products, visit

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