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Looking into the studio: Brand Union Hamburg

July 31 2017

The residence of the Brand Union Hamburg office has a rich history. More than 200 years ago, it was the Royal Providence of Altona, where military service was planned. Built in 1895, the upper floors of the red brick house were used for storing flour and grains supplies, and the attic served as rye storage. A few years later, life jackets were produced in the building. And quite a long time after that, in the year 1997, the agency Windi Winderlich Design moved into the now protected industrial estate – the agency which, since 2007, has been known as Brand Union.

In the Hamburg office, a team of 25 people work on two floors and 800 square metres in the disciplines of packaging design, innovation management, product strategy and development. Because the river Elbe is only three kilometres away, you can hear the seagulls screeching and ships honking when the windows are open.

As of recently, the office has a new look. The Hamburg-based designer Roberto Sagna coordinated the refurbishment, which took place while the daily business continued and under strict requirements connected to the protection of the historic building. Amongst other things, a new kitchen was built in which the whole team often cooks together. The beautiful half-timber craftsmanship was preserved and the crumbling linoleum floor was exchanged for zinc plates for a vintage look.

The transformation of the office included a Plexiglas designer, several illustrators, a carpenter and a Berlin-based tape-art studio.

This article originally appeared on PAGE Online