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Brand Union helps Creditas become more than a financial service

September 12 2017

Creditas, formerly BankFácil (“easy bank” in Portuguese), is a fintech company based in São Paulo, Brazil. After deciding that the name BankFácil and its identity were no longer representing the brand’s essence, they approached Epigram Brand Union to create a new name and visual identity.

The challenge was to renew their brand and develop a name that could speak to a wider audience and the benefits of choosing a fintech brand over a traditional bank.

Based on the developed strategy and positioning developed by Epigram Brand Union, the name Creditas was chosen as a means to evoke a sense of believing (“acreditar” in Portuguese) and also refer to its core business: providing credit to the customers.

Once the new name was defined, EBU’s creative team redesigned the brand’s visual identity by developing their iconography, graphics, stationery and a new logo. The new Creditas brand conveyed a sense of pride, belonging and greater confidence to its customers without giving up one of its most important assets: simplicity.