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Brand Union hosts Past Meets Present

October 24 2017

Past Meets Present is the latest installment in Brand Union New York’s event series that has a conversation at the intersection of two seemingly disparate topics. We assembled four interdisciplinary experts for individual presentations and a panel discussion to explore how the past is ever-present in our lives and provides a counterpoint to current cultural norms. Though there are indicators of when and how an aesthetic movement might resurface, the internet is fueling real-time dissemination of information, ideas and design and has accelerated trend cycles. As a result, we’re seeing retro resurgences rise rapidly alongside the streamlining of our digital, cloud-based lives.

Sam Becker, Brand Union’s Executive Creative Director, determined that individual ideas about retro are relative—yet perhaps quantifiable—in “Retro Revisited
: Looking Back to Move Forward”.

Paul Shaw, author of Revival Type: Digital Typefaces Inspired by the Past (Yale University Press 2017), taught a master class in the history of ancient typefaces, their use in the earliest forms of branding and their renaissance in the digital age.

Art director and book designer Catherine Casalino surveyed the publishing landscape in “Book Design: Old Becomes New Again” to demonstrate how current book cover designs can use retro design cues to help tell the story of what’s on the pages inside.

Andrew Luecke, author of COOL: Style, Sound and Subversion (Rizzoli 2017), explored how having instant access to the past and present can affect the creation of new fashion and cultural trends in “Time Warp: the Internet, Information, and the Trend Ouroboros”.