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How do you create an international prestige brand?

In a nutshell

For Chivas Regal, the second largest blended Scotch whisky brand in the world, planning how to grow and bring new facets to the brand must be done carefully. After identifying an opportunity in the prestige segment, Chivas Regal decided to craft a new whisky to enrich its prestige portfolio, answering consumers’ need to impress in high energy social occasions. Our answer: Chivas Regal Ultis.

What we did

From the big idea of “the quintessence of the heart and soul of Chivas Regal” just written on a piece of paper, Brand Union Paris partnered with the Chivas Regal global brand team to bring that idea to life through product concept, bottle design, graphic territory, packaging, drinks ritual, brand reveal film, Duty-Free journey and brand activation.

The Details

We started this project with two strong beliefs. The first was that more than just creating a new reference of blended Scotch, we needed to reinvent the way Chivas usually makes its whisky. This is why we decided to create the first blended malt of the portfolio, inspired by the perfume industry. Our second belief was that the whole story of the Chivas House was embodied in the succession of only five Master Blenders. This is how we ideated the concept to create a blended malt made of five of the most precious single malts of the House of Chivas Regal, representing the iconic 5 Master Blenders.

“Congratulations on finalising this monster of a toolkit – one of the Marketing Managers on my team said it’s one of the best toolkits they have seen in ages!”

Joyce Fu, Global Senior Brand Manager – Chivas Ultra-Premium & Prestige

The result

Chivas Regal entered the new whisky age in a significant way with the Ultis brand, and we are proud to have the opportunity to support the brand in this effort. After the success of our work on the product design and territory with the Chivas Regal team, we were asked to develop the full duty-free journey and brand activation for the international launch of Chivas Regal Ultis. More than an opportunity to work on this project through to the end, we saw it as a sign of confidence from our client regarding what we delivered.

Six months after launch, the sales results are on target in all markets, with public relations reach in just four key markets totaling to over 400M impressions and over 40M social media impressions in the USA alone.


Images by Shannon Sturgis and Sylvere Azoulai

“Everything was very well received—the best I have seen a product received in my years working at CBL. They loved the concept, packaging, drinks ritual etc. The drinks ritual especially was a star and the prestige team at Holding were extremely impressed.”

Laura Hanratty, Global Marketing Manager - Chivas Ultra-Premium & Prestige