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Where do you go after condoms and protection?

In a nutshell

Durex has a long, functional heritage in condoms and protection but has an ambition to reposition the brand to become the world leader in sexual wellbeing.

Durex believes that great sex is not just about the physical and they aim to inspire and turn people on to the emotional power sex can provide.

To help achieve this ambition we created an identity system to bring more emotion to the brand across all touchpoints and a design language for a premium range to expand the brand away from its heritage of protection and condoms.


What we did

Our identity system expresses the idea of the kiss. The coming together of two lovers expressed through two overlapping circles, creating an exciting spark. This more emotive expression of the brand was taken across all types of touchpoints from print ads, online executions such as the sign-off of TV commercials to multiple ranges of premium product packaging for condoms, gels and toys.

Condoms included Durex’s new thinnest ever condom Invisible / Air and Real Feel, a condom that enables lovers to experience natural feeling.

Embrace pleasure gel brought the coming together of two lovers to life through form with two bottles that lock together.

And Durex’s premium range of toys attracted a new audience to the brand through a richer and more emotional narrative.


26 % Market share as the most valued condom brand in the world


150 Countries sell Durex and it's the market leader in 40 markets


1 Billion condoms distributed by Durex every year

The result

Our new identity system made the brand feel more emotional and more premium. It helped Durex to both expand from its heartland of condoms into lubes and toys as well as to elevate the brand through the creation of premium ranges that are characterized by a design aesthetic, which is equally sophisticated, suggestive and discreet.

"Having a long-term partner brings an abundance of benefits for RB as a business. BU brings a wealth of creativity; knowledge and drive while understanding the brand’s purpose & vision."

Darren Morgan, Senior Global Design Manager, Reckitt Benckiser