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How do you revitalise a legendary British brand?

In a nutshell

As the pioneers of the SUV, Land Rover has a unique and storied heritage. Its success sparked a plethora of ‘me-too’ brands, meaning that Land Rover was facing a challenge around how to stand out and remain the category leader. Our brief was to put Land Rover back on the map as ‘the world’s premium SUV brand of choice’. To do so, we helped Land Rover to refocus its brand strategy and redefine the brand experience across all stages of the customer journey.

What we did

Firstly, we simplified Land Rover’s brand strategy, which had become muddied by too many models, guidelines and layers of complexity. We explored the original DNA of the company and then what was required to ensure the brand remained relevant in the future and across different customer types and markets. We injected new meaning into the ‘Above & Beyond’ tag line by creating a brand film for employees that instilled pride in employees and reminded people why they came into work each day.

From an experience perspective, we analysed the entire customer journey and uncovered that many aspects of the current Land Rover experience were not living up to the ‘Above & Beyond’ promise.

We set about redesigning the visual and verbal identities for Land Rover so that every customer interaction with the brand lived up to the expectations set by the brand promise.  We endowed the brand with the same craftsmanship of its products and created a system that established greater consistency across all communication channels and markets. This ensured that across the globe, Land Rover felt like a truly ‘British Premium’ brand.

"The brand film was initially used as an internal audience film but it resonated so well with everyone it became external facing content for Land Rover."

Robert Herd, Senior Manager, Land Rover Advertising

The Details

The method was a subtle but powerful change. We gave a logo, once used almost apologetically, newfound simplicity, confidence, and clarity of position at the head of a premium family. To increase the premium feel of the brand, we developed a custom typeface, improved the quality of materials used in collateral and developed layouts that allowed for more epic storytelling.

"To have the opportunity to work on such an iconic British brand has been a dream but, to have worked so holistically and in partnership with our client has been the real highlight."

Hayley Kitson, Design Director, Brand Union

The result

The feedback from internal stakeholders, other agencies and all that touch the Land Rover brand has been extremely positive. The overarching consensus has been that the new visual identity system has enabled a consistent application across all communications, without compromising on a premium look and feel.

Recent advertising campaigns, marketing communications and online activations have all implemented the recent visual identity with significant success.