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Why did a pizza box become a projector?

In a nutshell

Pizza and the movies are a marriage made in heaven – an association Pizza Hut has leveraged for a long time.

But how can we use this relationship in a new, creative way to engage and delight our customers?

Pizza Hut has always been a leading innovator in every aspect of their business. Everything from the menu, ways to order, delivery method, interior design and packaging technology.

For their latest double pizza meal promotion, we helped develop an innovative packaging solution that turned something you would normally throw out in to something you wanted to keep.


What we did

All the ingredients you needed were contained inside, the only thing you had to add was your phone. And after a few simple steps you were soon watching cool short films and stuffing your face with friends wherever you were.

Available in 4 tasty designs based on romance, action, sci-fi and horror movie genres – there was a pizza box for everyone to enjoy.


19 design and innovation awards so far, including Best Brand Experience and 3 from One Show


3 million HK$ worth of PR judged to be generated by the campaign

The Details

A double decker pizza box with an optical lens built into the front of it. Follow a few simple steps, place your smartphone inside and it transforms into a movie projector.

The unique design of the box means that a few quick folds build the integrated speakers. Smartphone supports pop out to hold your phone in place. Simply point the projector at a wall and move your phone forwards and backwards to focus.

A QR code on the box directs the user’s smartphone to a mobile site that hosts short films from Hong Kong and around the world. Each movie is served inverted so when it is projected it is viewed the right way up.

In order to increase the visual impact of the campaign to the public, we decided to create 4 versions of the box, each one associated with a different movie genre. We decided to commission 4 artists to come up with original illustrations in a characteristic “linework” style and a color palette limited to black, red and the brown of the box.


"Movie night is becoming even more effortless, thanks to the Blockbuster Box."

Felicia Greiff, Advertising Age

The result

This Blockbuster Box has been recognized by a number of major industry awards, including:

Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2015 – Grand Prix
Kam Fan Awards 2015 (Design) – Gold
Cannes Festival 2015 – 3 shortlists
LIA (Design) – 1 shortlist

"It's a pizza box! It's a projector! It's... both?"

Cassidee Moser, Huffington Post