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How do you re-imagine luxury for the modern traveller?

In a nutshell

When Shangri-La acquired an iconic hotel in Mauritius, their challenge was how to stand out in an already crowded market of luxury hotels and white sandy beaches.

We decided to break category conventions in order to grab the attention of the modern luxury traveller, who is increasingly demanding unique experiences rather than a cookie-cutter version of ‘paradise’.

Our resulting brand idea was ‘Open for Imagination’; a sentiment that not only challenged the competition, but naturally fitted with the legendary welcoming spirit of Le Touessrok’s past and also Shangri-La’s well-known Asian hospitality and mythical roots.

We then brought to life the brand idea through a multi-channel launch campaign (including ATL advertising, a digital campaign, launch events and a social campaign) and a series of guest experience ideas that embodied the ‘Open for Imagination’ concept.


What we did

Following the development of the brand idea, we created a unique visual and verbal identity for the resort that could be used both in the launch campaign but also across all guest collateral.

We then developed a full Communications Plan for the launch campaign, working with Shangri-La’s Media and PR agencies to ensure this reached the right audiences worldwide.

Having created the advertising campaign, we carried the idea through into a series of activations, including launch events in key markets (London and Paris).

The idea of ‘Open for Imagination’ translated all the way through to ideas for the guest experience itself. For example, we instigated partnerships with local artists who were commissioned to create bespoke artwork for the resort, inspired by their own imagination. These were then featured at the hotel launch events and will be woven into aspects of the hotel itself, such as menus at the restaurants.


30 % increase in initial booking rate achieved than expected for a new hotel


82 % average occupancy over the three month launch period


12 countries reached by the campaign simultaneously

The Details

‘Open for Imagination’ inspired a unique tone of voice for Shangri-La Le Touessrok, both visually and verbally. Messaging-wise, we developed an intriguing story-telling style via a series of beautifully written, mini stories that were designed to let the viewer use their imagination.

Visually, again the idea was to leave space for imagination and intrigue. We deliberately stayed away from white beach vistas or typical shots of the resort itself. Instead, we focused on close-ups of specific moments that told a personal story.

"We are so excited to continue our relationship with Shangri-La, following the successful launch of Le Touessrok. The project showed us the importance of well researched, global, audience insights that informed a wider brand experience that can span across all brand and media touchpoints."

Anna Morrison, Client Director, Brand Union

The result

In the first few weeks of launch, our client described the campaign as “shaping up to be our most successful launch ever.”

Bookings have far exceeded expectations and Shangri-La believe that the ‘Open for Imagination’ idea has long-term potential and will be used to shape every facet of the guest experience in the future.

Campaign photography courtesy of Nacho Alegre

"The launch of Shangri-La, Le Touessrok is the most successful launch that Shangri-La has ever had."

Rob Weeden, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Shangri-La