Brand Union


How do you use service to stand out?

In a nutshell

The quality of service and the warmth of hospitality was waning in the airline industry when Tata Singapore Airlines launched the new airline brand Vistara. Brand Union developed a cohesive and connected experience that elevated Vistara to a premium full-service carrier. The brand capitalized on providing a seamless flying experience thoughtfully delivered to every passenger. Every single aspect of the experience including the strategy, name and the visual identity reflects the brand’s global standards with an Asian soul.


What we did

Together with Tata and Singapore Airlines, we launched Vistara as a new airline brand – creating the name, logo and visual identity before working with them to define several elements of the brand experience.

Inspired by Indian geometry and the concept of limitless possibilities, the Vistara symbol is derived from a yantra, an ancient motif that depicts an unbounded universe in a perfect mathematical form. At its heart, is an 8 pointed star derived from the compass rose that signals the brand’s commitment to excellence in everything that it does.


#1 airline in industry for on-time performance (2016)


1st premium economy class cabin to be launched in India


1.2 million passengers flown in first year of operation


375 weekly flights active since launch

The Details

Vistara is derived from ‘vistaar’ which means ‘infinite expanse’ in Sanskrit. It is the perfect cue for an airline that will push back the boundaries of air travel. It also conjures up the image most associated with a smooth flight–an endless, blue horizon.

"To see Vistara take flight in record time is a matter of great pride to me and my entire team. We have been working tirelessly for the past many months. The flight today has re-energised the team which is now focused on ensuring that we live up to our brand promise of a seamless and personalised Vistara experience."

Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO of Vistara

The result

Vistara is now India’s fastest growing full service carrier. In a short span of one year, the airline boasts a fleet size of nine brand new A320 aircraft, operating 375 weekly flights to 15 destinations across the country. It has already flown more than one million happy customers. The airline is on an expansion spree and plans to double its capacity by the end of 2016. The brand has demonstrated its unique value proposition to its customers consistently by offering seamless, connected and personalised service both on the ground and in the air.